Las Vegas Taxes

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Why is Las Vegas the fastest growing city in our country? The major factor underlying the favorable cost of living, affordable housing, and business-friendly environment that attract people to Las Vegas is the tax structure. Nevada's tax rate is the lowest in the nation!

Here are the details:
Las Vegas, Nevada has:
No Personal Income Tax
No Inheritance Tax
No Corporate Income Tax
No Estate Tax and/or Gift Tax
No Franchise Tax
No Inventory Tax
No Unitary Tax
No Special Intangible Tax

Clark County's Sales and Use Tax is 7.125%; food for home consumption and prescribed medical goods are exempted.

Property tax in Clark County is between $2.0380 and $2.9307 per $100 of assessed value. The County's Assessor fixes the taxable value of each parcel of property. The specific tax rate is determined by each municipality.

In addition, Las Vegas offers various abatements or exemptions of Sales and Use Tax and Property Taxes for qualifying businesses.

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